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How Wild Lotus Online Counselling Can Help!

Have you been experiencing any of the following issues?


  • Feelings of being overwhelmed, frustrated, or alone
  • Internal troubles with stress, anxiety, anger, or depression
  • Problems with relationships, family, or parenting
  • Difficulty with some form of unsuccessful coping or addiction
  • Uncertainty with whom you can turn to in a safe and confidential manner
"Wild Lotus could help you identify your issues, provide acceptance, support, and solutions to feel empowered and capable of living the life you deserve."

Our Counselling Services

The following counselling specialties are offered at Wild Lotus Counselling

One to one Counselling

Individual counselling for adults and youth where various issues such as anxiety, depression, and anger, etc. can be explored in a safe and reassuring manner.

Children Hand to Hand

Counselling that focuses on topics pertaining specifically to parenting approaches and solutions that can be explored in an accepting and reassuring manner.

Two persons holding hands

Counselling that focuses on building and strengthening the bonds of a relationship in a warm and accepting space.

Addiction Broken

Counselling that focuses on safely exploring the reasons behind an addiction, building self-empowerment, and generating everyday solutions that can be discussed in an accepting and comforting space.


We provide 4 different formats that are sure to best suit your therapeutic needs and tech savvy abilities.


Connect Via Phone

Counselling sessions that take place over the phone. To experience the full benefits of your counselling session, it is highly recommended that you have a solid phone connection (i.e. a landline or cell phone) and are able to find a quiet and safe place where you will not be interrupted, and can speak comfortably.

Connect Via Video

Counselling sessions that take place through Doxy.me, which is a HIPPA compliant video conference platform to ensure secure privacy for all client sessions. Doxy.me also does not require you to sign-up or create any passwords to remember. It is highly recommended that you have a solid internet connection and are able to find a quiet and safe place where you will not be interrupted and can speak comfortably.

Dog Cat Using Laptop
Email box

Connect Via Email

Counselling sessions that take place through Hushmail, which is a HIPPA compliant format that has sender and receiver encryption to ensure secure privacy for all client email communication. Hushmail does not require you to create an account, but does require you to create a secure passcode to access the emails. It is highly recommended that you choose a passcode you can remember well or keep your passcode somewhere safe where you will be able to access it for retrieving your emails.

Connect Via Text Message

Counselling sessions that take place through SMS text message or Signal Private Messenger app (a secure messenger app with end-to-end encryption)- it is the client’s choice to use SMS or Signal. To experience the full benefits of your counselling session, it is strongly recommended that you have a solid wifi or data network connection and enough text message capabilities on your phone plan to avoid any possible overage charges (if using SMS texting).

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About Wild Lotus Counselling

Amanda Moulton M.A.C.P. CCC

"I seek to provide a warm, open, and safe space for clients to explore the issues that matter most to them and live life to the fullest."
~Amanda Moulton M.A.C.P. CCC

Amanda has a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and is a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) with the Canadian Counselling and Psycotherapy Association. Amanda is also registered as a Clinical Counsellor with BC First Nations Health Authority.


Amanda has been providing both clinical and residential counselling services throughout Victoria, BC working with children, youth, adults, and families.


Amanda works with clients around a range of issues, but is most passionate about building healthy satisfying relationships- specializing in family systems, parenting approaches, and emotionally focused therapy. Amanda also has an extensive background in trauma and addiction counselling, providing youth and adults with a safe and accepting space to explore the root of their addiction and generate everyday solutions through encouraging self-empowerment.


Simple Online Booking

Book your chosen sessions online in one easy transaction.

Counselling Formats to Suit Everyone

With 4 different counselling formats to choose from, everyone will be able to find a counselling format that suits their needs and makes them feel comfortable and safe.

Easy Payments

Hassle-free payments that are quick and easy making it faster to obtain the counselling services you need and want.

The Counselling That You Deserve

Obtaining the counselling services you deserve to live the life you want to the fullest.

Secure and Confidential Communication

All technology formats for counselling sessions ensure the utmost privacy and confidentiality for clients.

User Friendly Counselling Formats

Easy to use formats that we can provide technical help with establishing.

Affordable Counselling

Counselling services that best suit your needs and your wallet.

Counselling from a Trained and Licensed Counsellor

Amanda is a clinically trained and fully licensed counsellor. Amanda’s background ensures her clients receive quality clinical counselling and referral services.

Book your FREE 30 minute consultation NOW!

Your free consultation will help you and Amanda determine if you are a suitable therapeutic fit for each other.


Individual Session
Per Session
  • 50 Minute Session
  • Phone, Video, Email, or Text
  • Credit Card Processed Once the Session is Complete
  • Book Sessions that Work for Your Schedule
Individual Sliding Scale Session for Students
Per Session
  • 50 Minute Session
  • Phone, Video, Email, or Text
  • Credit Card Processed Once the Session is Complete
  • Book Sessions that Work for Your Schedule
Couple or Family Session
Per Session
  • 60 Minute Session
  • Phone or Video
  • Credit Card Processed Once the Session is Complete
  • Book Sessions that Work for Your Schedule


Select the counselling session package that you qualify for- if you would like an individual or couple/family session, and whether or not you are a current student- this can be found under the ‘Prices’ tab. Once a counselling session package has been chosen, click the blue ‘Order Now’ button on the counselling package.

After clicking “Order Now” you will be redirected to an online order form, where you will input the required payment information to book a session. Once your payment information has been inputed, you will be redirected to a calendar to choose a convenient session date and time, and suitable counselling format (phone, video, text, or email).

***Please note that your credit card will NOT be charged until AFTER the session has been completed.

Once your session time has been booked, check your inbox for an email containing your session information, required intake form, and any necessary information needed to attend your session during your scheduled time (video chat link, phone number, or email address).

Prior to your first session, please fill-out the required intake form to the best of your ability. **Please note- all other required forms will be filled out upon our first session together.


What makes online counselling different?

The biggest and most noticeable difference between online counselling and traditional face-to-face counselling is the format in which counselling services are delivered (physically present in an office space vs. present in the comfort of your own home).

A strong positive feature of online counselling versus traditional face-to-face counselling is that the client is able to choose a counselling format that is the most convenient and comfortable for them to access counselling services. Taking extra time out of our busy day to travel to an office, have a session, and travel back can be a sacrifice many people are not able to make in a day. Being able to have counselling services that fit your schedule in a place that is most convenient and comfortable for you will allow you to access the counselling services your deserve without sacrificing excess time and personal comfort.

What if my communication is interrupted somehow (i.e. a dropped call)?

If a communication error happens at some point during the session, we will try to reconnect*, and adjust for the time lost as much as possible to make sure you receive the maximum counselling experience for your session.

*Reconnection may need to occur in another format if the original format is not possible during your current session. If you do not want to use another counselling format for the remainder of your session, rebooking your session for another time may need to occur.

Why do I need to wait 48 hrs for a response to my email?

This time allows for in-depth quality counselling, as emails can be quite lengthy and detailed. Allowing enough time for a response to your email provides each client with the best possible counselling services.

What if I feel like we are not a match or I do not like online counselling?

If you are unsure if online counselling will be right for you, it is highly recommended to book a free 30 minute online consultation. During this consultation we can answer any questions you have about online counselling, the scope of practice at Wild Lotus, and/or which online counselling format would be most suitable to your needs and abilities.

We are also able to refer clients, who feel they may not be a suitable therapeutic match, to other mental health professionals.

How do I get approved for the student package?

Potential clients will need to provide proof of current enrolment from their school (Official print-out or school counsellor/teacher referral). This can usually be done on school websites or requested from school support/school staff. ***Proof of current enrolment will need to be done prior to or during the client’s first session.

Do I have to fill out the intake forms that are sent to me prior to our first session?

It is highly recommended that new clients fill-out all the required intake forms to the best of their ability prior to their first session, as most clients like to efficiently utilize as much time as they can during their sessions. However, we are able to go over the intake forms as needed during the first session.

Do I have to do the homework that is given to me?

If homework is given during/after a session, it would be in the best interest of the client to complete that homework- as such homework is given with the intent of benefitting the client’s therapeutic journey.

We are also willing and able to review and attend to any homework that the client was unable to complete due to various reasons.

Does my insurance cover my counselling sessions?

Clients who have Canadian insurance coverage* through the following companies may be entitled to a reimbursement for the purchase of their counselling sessions:

  • Pacific Blue Cross
  • Equitable Life
  • Greenshield
  • Sunlife

Also, clients who are eligible for coverage could have sessions covered through First Nations Health Authority (FNHA)


*It should be noted that insurance coverage for counselling sessions is not automatic and is up to each client to contact their insurance company to determine what services are covered in their plan.

Canadian Certified Counsellor License #: 10001102

What is your cancellation, missed, and late policy?

If you are unable to attend an appointment, we request that you provide 24 hours advanced notice to our office by email, phone, or simply cancelling/rescheduling your session online. Since we are unable to use this time for another client, please note that you will be billed for the entire cost of your scheduled session if it is completely missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, unless such absence or cancellation is due to illness or an emergency.

For clients who arrive late to a session (excluding lateness due to technical issues), please note that you will only receive the remainder of the time left within that session. We schedule our sessions to ensure each client receives the timely counselling services they deserve.

We appreciate your help in keeping the office schedule running timely and efficiently.

Are you able to work with clients outside of Canada?

In short- Yes. Wild Lotus Counselling is able to work with clients from other countries, as long as potential clients agree to the following stipulations:

(1) Wild Lotus Counselling is not covered by insurance companies other than the following Canadian insurance companies: Pacific Blue Cross, Equitable Life, Greenshield, and Sunlife (these policies are not all encompassing and is up to the client to determine their level of coverage).

(2) Wild Lotus Counselling must continue to follow counselling ethics, guidelines, and laws outlined by Canada and Canadian Counselling governing bodies. Therefore, any potential legal action would need to occur within the Canadian Justice System.


Any further questions or need for clarification is always welcome- please don’t hesitate to contact Wild Lotus Counselling.

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